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-The thumbnail photographs below have all been printed on exhibition quality paper at 16″ X 28 1/4″. They are divided into groups for ease but feel free to order any combination of photos from the entire selection. I will be expanding the selection so please check back. I welcome suggestions of subject, style and color for future additions.

-At present there are six black frames and five dull gold frames measuring approximately 2′ X 3′ overall. There is a beveled double matte consisting of a 3/4″ grey matte surrounded by a 1 1/4″ black matte. All frames have anti-glare glass.

-Based on my availability (which varies widely) and your budget I can custom shoot and print according to your specific requirements. I can also print at any size up to 16 1/2″ X 29″ if you wish to use your own frames

-All photos are taken by me and a clearance letter will be provided or I can fill out your productions clearance form.

-Prices are $80 (plus GST) for each framed photo per week with a minimum of 3 photos per rental. The second week will be at 50% off. Longer rentals are negotiable.




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